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Medical Billing Support

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Here is why PracticeBridge Inc is the door to knock on!

Our billing and revenue management solutions help healthcare organizations to maintain a positive cash-flow in the turbulent post-reform environment. All our services are in complete adherence to federal regulations. We perform internal audits, regularly, and have developed several in-house tools and applications, to ensure that you receive the best of billing care.

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Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

Medical billing:

We have certified billing experts who can be the change you want to see. Increase collections and efficiency

Medical Coding:

High impact coding solutions! Reduce DNFB and days in AR. Increase coding accuracy and regulatory compliance

AR support:

AR support executives who push the envelope to zero down on your backlogged revenue. Online and phone AR follow up

Credentialing management:

Credential your medical practice with government and commercial insurance carriers. Maintain CAQH profile and re-credential easily.

Revenue Intelligence App:

PracticeBridge Inc has developed several mobile applications that can automate and accelerate your workflow.

RCM services:

Speed up your revenue cycle with our revenue cycle management experts. We take care of both your front-end and back-end revenue cycle.

See Your Revenue Grow

PracticeBridge Inc follows a unique RCM process to eliminate denials and workflow lags

Healthcare RCM Process

Specialty Specific Billing Services

Cardiology Billing for EMR
Cardiology billing

  • CCTA billing expertise
  • Electrophysiology billing
  • 99% coding accuracy

Urgent Care Billing for EMR
Urgent care

  • 24/7 workflow
  • 7 expert teams
  • Ancillary coding

Radiology Billing for EMR

  • Interface with RIS
  • Expertise in POS coding
  • Technical and professional component coding

Oncology Billing for EMR

  • Accurate J codes are assigned
  • Chemotherapy sessions are perfectly billed
  • Oncology billing expertise