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Medical Coding Services in compliance with MA insurance regulations

Consult with our EMR/RCM Experts

Consult with our EMR/RCM Experts

Optimize Medical Coding with Our Expert Coders in MA to Get Paid Faster!

  • The coding landscape has changed drastically over the last few years. From the comparatively simple task of assigning alphanumeric codes to services rendered. Coders are now required to understand and keep pace with, regulatory requirements, deal with different payment methodologies and assimilate information from complex and large volumes of data. And, yes, meet stringent compliance regulations.

    The writing is on the wall. Scale up or remain underpaid, non-compliant and behind schedule. It doesn't take just a medical coder to get paid anymore; your healthcare enterprise needs a medical coding specialist.


    Our CPC and CCS accredited coding specialists, perform,chart analysis, medical records abstraction, chart breakdowns, chart thinning,code auditing, and code scrubbing, to ensure accuracy and compliance.

    Our medical coders have in-depth knowledge about Computer assisted coding (CAC), Natural language processing (NLP) and working with Clinical information systems.

  • As Medical Coding Becomes More Complex And Expensive, Hundreds Of Physicians Rely On PracticeBridge. Know Why...

    • Over 15 years of industry knowledge and know-how
    • Extensive NCCI edits
    • Medical necessity checking and validation
    • Increased reimbursement for each code
    • Every code cross-checked with current RBRVS regulations
    • Minimal disruption to existing workflow processes
    • Extensive audits and audit trails
    • Logic driven coding process
    • Credentialed coding professionals
    • 24/7 medical coding workflow
    • Expertise in working with EMR/EHR platforms

    ICD-10 And Beyond...

    ICD-10 is the monster under the bed for most physicians. Don't get snowed under a pile of regulatory and administrative reforms. Our smart ICD 10 coding support will enable your healthcare enterprise to surmount every hurdle thrown your way.

    Complete ICD 10 Support...

    • We perform dual coding
    • Provide comparison reports between ICD 9 and ICD 10
    • Send out test claims to insurers and clearinghouses
    • Offer a 24/7 coding helpdesk
    • Create a roadmap for your healthcare enterprise to transition easily into the new coding set

    Medical coding bottlenecks? We can help.

  • For Practice Managers & C-Level Executives

    Know how we can help you to impress your CFO by helping your healthcare enterprise cut down on overhead costs without cutting corners. Start chat for more information!



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"After working with PracticeBridge I've seen tremendous improvement in collections. The medical billing team is very responsive and friendly. It's been a beautiful journey with PracticeBridge so far. My huge AR backlog has finally come down, thanks to their super-efficient team"

Learn how they tackle my RCM problems and improved my collections.

Emily Watson
CEO, Family Practice Group
New Jersey
"Our patient billing process was a complete mess and it does contribute significantly to our monthly revenue. PracticeBridge Inc has turned things around and increased our patient collections.

Amanda Rodriguez
CEO, Cardiology Practice
New York

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