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Consult with our EMR/RCM Experts

Tricare Claims Processing Services in USA - 98% First Pass Claim Acceptance

  • What are your biggest stumbling blocks?

    • Ineffectual payment contracts
    • Knotty reconciliation processes
    • Surface knowledge of Federal and Tricare billing regulations
    • Credentialing tripwires
    • Change in existing plan and addition of plans every year
  • Get better performing contracts.

    There is definitely an imbalance of power between insurers and healthcare enterprises. Payers have the upper hand. Our, Tricare contract negotiation specialists, tilt the scales in your favour. Because strongly managed contracts, will not only safeguard your revenue stream, but also yield long term financial benefits. We perform RVU valuations. Our contract negotiation team analyse payments of individual services by reviewing EOBs. We mine internal claims data and closely scrutinize denied/rejected claims. It is healthy to discuss payment issues right at the negotiation table. More often than not this drives down denials and ensures our clients walk away with better contract clauses this time around.

    Understanding the payer's profile is vital for successful contract negotiations. After more than a decade of negotiating contracts with Tricare we certainly know what works. Contract negotiation is not just about demanding better rates. It is an opportunity to discuss about new insurance products and plans, risk-sharing models, evolving payment regulations and payer-employer affiliations. And that is why you need someone like thePracticeBridge, who shares a long working relationship with AmeriChoice to handle your negotiations.

    With our Tricare contract negotiation services you can:

    • Receive fair compensation for services rendered
    • Optimize contractual fees
    • Get better rates for top paying CPTs
    • Freeze on a payment model that delivers more benefits
    • Stay compliant with AmeriChoice payment regulations in your state

    Your financial planning tool!

    Our Medicare Fee Schedule Impact Analysis tool helps you to make financial forecasts! Know how the updates in Medicare reimbursement rates will impact your bottomline. View reimbursement fluctuations over a period of time. Try out the Medicare Fee Schedule Impact Analysis Tool here.

    Learn more about our medical billing services and your benefits.

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    Get credentialed with AmeriChoice Insurance quicker!

    Do you hate the credentialing process? Credentialing with insurance companies is nerve wracking, long winded and cyclical. Get credentialed with Tricare in USA effortlessly with our Certified Provider Credentialing Management experts. Our certified experts assist all sizes and types of healthcare enterprises like, group practices, ACOs, hospitals, PPOs (preferred provider organizations), surgical centres, healthcare networks and independent medical practices.

    Our credentialing services are in compliance with JCAHO, NCQA and AAAHC regulations. Our certified credentialing specialists handle all your Tricare initial credentialing, re-credentialing, dynamic credentialing and contracting requirements. We carry out primary source verification of elements within 45 days.

    Are you starting a new practice in USA? Resolve issues quickly and reduce credentialing turnaround time with our super-efficient team of Certified Provider Credentialing Specialists.

    Our Tricare credentialing experts...

    • Handle initial credentialing tasks
    • Offer Medicare revalidation support
    • Contract/In-network physicians
    • Obtain contracted allowables
    • Provide NPI registration support
    • Handle managed care contracting issues

    Who handles your Insurance credentialing?

    • State & Specialty specific, trained & Certified Provider Credentialing Specialist
    • Minimum experience of 5 years
    • Corresponds during the insurance working hours
    • Multiple resources to backup downtime

    What our CPCS dedicated experts can do for you?

    • Obtaining NPI, Group NPI, Tax ID & CAQH ID
    • Revalidating Medicare and Medicaid
    • Credentialing - Federal and commercial insurances
    • Contracting/In-networking
    • Weekly Credentialing & Contracting Status Report
    • Maintaining & Re-credentialing

    What tools are used to speed up physician credentialing process?

    • Credentialing Management Tool
    • Credentialing Status Meter
    • Credentialing follow-up Reminder
    • Paperwork Management Tool
    • Federal Revalidation Reminder & Alert
    • Automatic Weekly Reporting Alert
    • Query Tracking, Messaging & Ticketing application

    Do you need a one tap app to handle all your provider credentialing issues?

    Would you like to monitor the progress of your credentialing process wherever you are?

    Do you want a credentialing app that works the way you do?

    Simple. Download the CredentialingBridge app. Run batch verifications, apply/maintain CAQH profiles, receive reminders to renew licenses and get a whole lot of other amazing features with our user-friendly app. To know more about CredentialingBridge click here.

    Work with someone who knows the rules of the game!

    We've been in the insurance medical billing industry for over a decade. And have a team of certified billers who specialize in offering Tricare insurance specific billing support. Our experts understand the ins and outs of the Tricare payment mechanisms. Our first pass claim acceptance rate is above industry standards. And that is because we know the claim processing method of insurance companies. Increase your bottomline benefits by working with us.

    Secondary insurance payments constitute a huge chunk of a healthcare enterprise's revenue. We offer expert secondary insurance billing services. We fill out every line item found in the EOB/ERA sent by primary insurance providers. Our billers enter accurate, allowed amount, payment amount, adjustment amount, group codes, adjustment details and the adjudication date. This helps in the speedy payment of secondary claims.

    Are denials haunting your healthcare enterprises?

    Zero down on denials with our Americhoice denial management experts. We lower your denial rate and eradicate underpayments. Get a .2% denial rate by working with our super-efficient Americhoice denial management team. Our denial management team reviews process issues and claim payments to identify the leaks in your revenue cycle. We classify denials into different follow-up groupings and have specialized variance teams on board. Our appeal success rate with Americhoice insurance billing is 98%.

    Our denial auditors analyse denial patterns to increase claim acceptance rates and reduce denials in the long run. ICD 10 denial prevention team: ICD 10 is expected to increase coding denials. Protect your revenue stream with our code auditors and denial prevention experts. We have a dedicated 24/7 team to effectively reduce coding related denials.

    Clean out those AR backlogs!

    Sporadic and indifferent phone calls are not getting to help you get paid. It is downright frustrating to be put on hold for hours on end on a busy working day. Our insurer specific AR calling team, rescue your organization from long phone wait times and unpaid claims.

    Is your pending AR list ever growing? Detoxify your billing cycle!

    Trust a team of AmeriChoice AR calling specialists to whittle down on your pending AR list. See a 60% reduction in your pending AR within a few months of working with us.




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"After working with PracticeBridge I've seen tremendous improvement in collections. The medical billing team is very responsive and friendly. It's been a beautiful journey with PracticeBridge so far. My huge AR backlog has finally come down, thanks to their super-efficient team"

Learn how they tackle my RCM problems and improved my collections.

Emily Watson
CEO, Family Practice Group
New Jersey
"Our patient billing process was a complete mess and it does contribute significantly to our monthly revenue. PracticeBridge Inc has turned things around and increased our patient collections.

Amanda Rodriguez
CEO, Cardiology Practice
New York

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Work with PracticeBridge Inc. We are a United States based medical billing company who specialize in offering revenue cycle solutions to independent medical practices.

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