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Medical Billing Support

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Here is the secret sauce!

  • This is what we do day in and day out to improve your collections and workdays.

    • Insurance eligibility verification:

      We provide the insurance eligibility details of all patients much before they walk-in to your medical practice

    • Medical Coding:

      Our CPC certified medical coders assign accurate codes, modifiers and crosswalks. Every code is scrubbed thoroughly!

    • Claims Creation:

      Claims are created by our billing experts

    • Claims scrubbing:

      Every claim generated is scrubbed and goes through several levels of quality checks.

    • Clearinghouse transmission:

      We don't waste a minute! Scrubbed claims are sent to clearinghouses three times faster!

    • Claims submission:

      After receiving ERAs we make the necessary changes and submit claims to insurers

    • AR calling:

      Our AR follow-up team makes sure none of your claims go unpaid. We offer phone, mail and IVR follow up

    • Denial management:

      Tackle tricky denials effectively! Our denial management support will shut the door on denials.

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PracticeBridge Inc follows a unique RCM process to eliminate denials and workflow lags

Healthcare RCM Process


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