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Revenue Analytics App

Actionable data; when and where you need it...

  • One of the biggest roadblocks care providers face, as they transition to more risk-based payment models, is the lack of smart data analytics and BI tools. As the healthcare industry moves away from the traditional fee-for-service model into newer payer mechanisms it is vital that they're equipped with the best of class technology to take the next step ahead.

    Without extracting, identifying and analyzing financial data it is going to be extremely tough to keep pace with the changes and plan for the future. Have an edge over your counterparts with theBillingBridge.

    The story behind the numbers...

    We make data driven decision making easier. With our data analytics and business intelligence app healthcare enterprises can track and analyze critical financial and operational data in realtime.

    Beautiful visualizations, interactive navigation and dynamic dashboards bring your business data to life. Data, that can be translated into, benchmarks, financial forecasts, and, workflow improvements. With our Business Intelligence App, you access not just numbers and graphs. True data has a story to tell. And that is why we created an app that speaks to you.

    7 reasons why you should download our app right now!

    • It is a healthcare BI app specifically built to work with Smartphones. So all your vital data is just a tap away!
    • Group practices, hospitals and ACOs can track the performance of billers, centralize their financial operations and stay clued in to their revenue cycle 24/7.
    • Our full-featured APIs simplify app integration. theBillingBridge has already been integrated with several major EMR/EHRs.
    • View important revenue cycle data. Spot denial patterns, indentify gaps in the revenue cycle, improve efficiency, and optimize revenue.
    • Gain insights into revenue cycle analytics, contract analytics, key performance indicators, appointment metrics, charge capture KPIs and a lot more.
    • theBillingBridge offers realtime data tracking capabilities. Get current information any time you log into the app.
    • Absolutely secure and in compliance with HIPAA. Advanced data encryption options.

    Install Medical Billing Analytics App

    The amazing features our app offers!

    24/7 data tracking features:

    • Status of claim submission/resubmissions
    • Claim rejection info
    • Denial percentage
    • Net percentage collected
    • Average life of denials
    • Percentage of no-response claims
    • Insurance payment details
    • Patient payment information
    • Time between DOS and billing date
    • Claim volume
    • Claim lags
    • And daily collection activities
    • Our integrated reports give you the insights you need to run a more streamlined and profitable healthcare enterprise.

    It is for everyone...

    theBillingBridge is a powerful, highly scalable and modular data analytics application.From independent medical practices to large scale ACOs anybody can install our app to access actionable revenue cycle data.Shorten your path to payment and meet organizational goals effectively with our comprehensive app.

    Nothing is "remote" anymore!

    We just brought your remote biller closer to you! Monitor the everyday activities of your remote billing company with our awesome BI app. Run comparison charts and productivity metrics.Track KPIs, monitor collection data and stay in the loop always.

    Secure communications options...

    The Query Manager feature of our app makes communication with your biller effortless. Billing managers can log into the app and send a query anytime they need claims information or spot missing data. Raise a ticket anytime with the "Ticketing System" feature. Dictate or type in queries and send it across to billing teams in realtime. 24/7 chat support and a round the clock phone support team are also available.

    Take the upper hand!

    It offers several user-friendly tools to make contract negotiation easy. Our "Fee Schedule Analyzer" will help you view and compare fee schedules of insurers in a single tap. The Medicare Fee Impact tool will let you know the impact of changing fee schedules so you are never caught off-guard. Add more horsepower to your negotiation process!




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"After working with PracticeBridge I've seen tremendous improvement in collections. The medical billing team is very responsive and friendly. It's been a beautiful journey with PracticeBridge so far. My huge AR backlog has finally come down, thanks to their super-efficient team"

Learn how they tackle my RCM problems and improved my collections.

Emily Watson
CEO, Family Practice Group
New Jersey
"Our patient billing process was a complete mess and it does contribute significantly to our monthly revenue. PracticeBridge Inc has turned things around and increased our patient collections.

Amanda Rodriguez
CEO, Cardiology Practice
New York


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