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Acute Care Claim Scrubbing Solutions

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Consult with our EMR/RCM Experts

Consult with our EMR/RCM Experts


    Do you want a high first pass claim acceptance rate?

    In need of a professional, who could cross check your claims?

    Our 24/7 Acute Care RCM Process...

    We are here...

    • Our Acute Care claims scrubbing experts generate claims that are errorless within permissible filing limits.
    • By scrutinizing and evaluating claim information, our Acute Care claims scrubbing team send out clean claims to insurers.
    • Multi-level claim edits are performed to ensure 100% claim accuracy.
    • Our Acute Care claims scrubbing team cross checks and scans for patient and policy identification and compares them along with the master policy file to achieve better results
    • We take measures to check diagnosis codes, common data files, recent surgeries, hospitalizations and liability coverages to avoid rejections.
    • The claims that we create are scrubbed for allowed charges.
    • We scrub your claims with accuracy and speed.
    • Our Acute Care claims scrubbing experts make it more convenient for our customers by performing both manual and automated edits.
    • Our Acute Care claims scrubbing team reviews each claim in a detailed manner, to ensure that it's coded properly and has all the relevant information.
    • Every claim submitted is checked by payer specific rules engines.
    • Our 24/7 Acute Care claims scrubbing professionals make sure to submit a claim that drives high claims adjudication rates.
    • Our Acute Care claims scrubbing team checks every claim several times to achieve a 98% claim acceptance rate.
    • We work systematically and keep ourselves abreast with insurer guidelines, to reduce claim errors.

    Being in this field for decades, we process and edit both electronic and paper claims. We scrub your claims to perfection and increase claims accuracy.

    Our Acute Care billing pricing depend on several variables such as claim volume, number of providers, AR backlog and medical specialty.

    Our medical billing pricing options are simple and transparent. We understand that different healthcare enterprises using Acute Care EHR as billing software have different needs. That is why we've created flexible medical billing service fees options that best suits for all healthcare providers such as hospitals, medical group practices to individual physician practices and clinics. To get a clear pricing quote fill out our form and our billing manager will get back to you.

    You can compare flat-fee pricing model vs medical billing outsourcing cost comparison.




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    Transfer claims within 24 Hours

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    98% Reimbursement within 21 Days

    Reduce AR upto 90% in 90 Days

    Remote billing support

    Cut costs upto 30% and more

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Our Clients Voice

"After working with PracticeBridge I've seen tremendous improvement in collections. The medical billing team is very responsive and friendly. It's been a beautiful journey with PracticeBridge so far. My huge AR backlog has finally come down, thanks to their super-efficient team"

Learn how they tackle my RCM problems and improved my collections.

Emily Watson
CEO, Family Practice Group
New Jersey
"Our patient billing process was a complete mess and it does contribute significantly to our monthly revenue. PracticeBridge Inc has turned things around and increased our patient collections.

Amanda Rodriguez
CEO, Cardiology Practice
New York

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