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Chiropractic Billing Services at Best Rates in CT

Consult with our EMR/RCM Experts

Consult with our EMR/RCM Experts

Medical Billing Services for Chiropractic Practices in CT

  • Do you want to work with RCM specialists who are right now billing through Chiropractic EMRs/ EHRs, for more than 50 chiropractors. We have certified and experienced medical billing professionals who work with all major Chiropractic EHRs/EMRs software. Our Chiropractic medical billing experts also offer troubleshooting services and template customization support.

  • Chiropractic Specific Revenue Cycle Management Services

    • Are you facing Chiropractic billing issues?
    • Tired of handling claim denials from multiple insurance carriers?
    • Detest working with your EHR?

    Resolve your revenue cycle issues with our 24/7 Chiropractic billing services.

    Here is how we can resuscitate your Chiropractic practice...

    • Our CCPC credentialed medical coders increase coding throughput and accuracy
    • Our coding experts perform chart abstraction and differentiate accurately between modalities and procedures
    • We have in-depth experience in billing for chiropractic manipulative treatment
    • Our chiropractic medical billers work in compliance with CMS and AMA for billing time-based services
    • Vast experience in billing for manipulative procedures and maintenance therapy
    • We code accurately for professional and technical components
    • Our services are thoroughly HIPAA compliant and we follow all industry regulations for chiropractic billing
    • Our 24/7 workflow will help you shorten and quicken your path to payment
    • We are proficient in working with all major clinical systems
    • Knowledge of, current state-specific billing and collection guidelines for chiropractic

    Specialty Focused Chiropractic Medical Coding Services:

    We have certified, specialty specific, Chiropractic medical coding experts on board. They perform accurate chart abstractions. All codes are closely audited by our code auditors to ensure compliance with NCCI guidelines. Our centralized work queues and 24/7 workflow speeds up your medical coding process. Increase your coding accuracy and reduce DNFB.

    Before You Ask, Yes, We Work With Your Chiropractic EHR!

  • Are you facing workflow difficulties and revenue leaks? Our Chiropractic billing specialists can help you out. We have fully trained EMR/EHR billers who can work with ease on all Chiropractic EMR/EHRs. We are compliant with HIPAA/EMR/EHR regulations. Our EHR team also offers template customization support. Redesign your EHR so it works the way you do. There are several amazing offers we offer EHR users as well.

  • Stop The Battle Against Payers And Denied Chiropractic Claims!

  • We don't just do medical billing, we perform regular evaluation and management audits, increase charges and payments and decrease controllable loss adjustments.We take the guesswork out of insurance payments. Our Chiropractic billing experts perform detailed claim testing and analysis. We identify process gaps and areas for potential improvement. Our constant analysis of reimbursement trends, enable us to develop a reimbursement model that is perfectly suited for your Chiropractic practice. Now you can finally stop worrying about insurance payments and have enough time to go for that weekend break!

  • Are You Missing Out On Patient Payments?

  • Patient payments contribute a huge chunk towards a practice's revenue. High deductible health plans have made patient payments an important aspect of the billing cycle. Focusing on patient billing is the only way to collect more. And that is why PracticeBridge Inc has a separate specialist patient billing team. We process patient accounts with insurance companies and take care of collections, payment posting, AR follow up, and deposit reconciliations necessary for claims adjudication. Our, staff, also educate your patients on online payment options, and patient portals. Our revenue management team, prepares, reviews, and sends out patient statements regularly. Our experienced Chiropractic medical billers work rejection reports to recoup lost revenue. We also, upon request, evaluate the financial status of patients and frame budget payment plans.

  • This is How We Process Your Chiropractic Claims...

    • Superbills/health records are obtained from the provider's office and are thoroughly reviewed and analyzed to ensure correct billing initiatives.
    • Verify demographics and perform insurance benefit investigations
    • CPC's (Certified Professional Coders) perform chart abstractions. CPT codes and modifiers are assigned based on medical and diagnostic reports
    • The coded claims are forwarded to the charge-entry department
    • Claim audits are conducted to ensure completed claims are in adherence to Medicare, Medi-Cal, OSHA, HIPAA guidelines
    • Claims are transmitted to clearinghouses
    • Clean claims are sent to insurance carriers
    • Payment adjudication monitoring is performed
    • We post payments into the clients EMR/EHR/Excel
    • Outstanding medical claims are followed up on by our AR follow up department
    • The denial management department corrects and resubmits rejected claims



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You should hire us to bring a significant change in your cash flow and revenue cycle workflow. Please read on how we will help you grow your revenue

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Our billing service will help you to

    Transfer claims within 24 Hours

    Address Denials within 48 Hours

    98% Reimbursement within 21 Days

    Reduce AR upto 90% in 90 Days

    Remote billing support

    Cut costs upto 30% and more

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Our Clients Voice

"After working with PracticeBridge I've seen tremendous improvement in collections. The medical billing team is very responsive and friendly. It's been a beautiful journey with PracticeBridge so far. My huge AR backlog has finally come down, thanks to their super-efficient team"

Learn how they tackle my RCM problems and improved my collections.

Emily Watson
CEO, Family Practice Group
New Jersey
"Our patient billing process was a complete mess and it does contribute significantly to our monthly revenue. PracticeBridge Inc has turned things around and increased our patient collections.

Amanda Rodriguez
CEO, Cardiology Practice
New York

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