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ICD 10 never fails to hit the headlines. Whether it is dissent, appreciation or acceptance, the new coding set continues to be the most debated healthcare reform ever to hit the industry. It is too early to discuss the post-implementation effect of ICD-10. Some healthcare leaders feel that the ICD-10 transition has been easy but most healthcare providers have found

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The dust has settled. ICD-10 is here. Now what? ICD10 is finally here. And it is not welcome in healthcare circles. Healthcare organizations will have to grapple with thousands of new codes, high overheads and workflow disruptions. The real impact of the revised coding set will be felt in a few weeks from now. As it is still too early

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Will other states get the same benefit? The ultimate goal for healthcare organizations is the successful transition to ICD-10 this coming October 1. It would be early to say how many would are confident to get what they are aiming for. But only 4 states as reported by Modern Healthcare have been granted with a special “crosswalk” method. This mean

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We will be using ICD-10 in a few weeks. But before that do you know the status on ICD-10 implementation? With the help of coding veterans and influencers, I have come up with few facts most healthcare professionals miss out. In this infographics our experts have shared 6 foundation blocks for successful ICD-10 implementation. Let me break down the facts

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