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PracticeBridge Inc. launches tool to help medical practices analyse the impact of Medicare fee schedule changes… 

Lawrenceville,NJ(PracticeBridge Inc) January 08,2016

PracticeBridge Inc. a medical billing and revenue management company based in New Jersey. On Monday, it launched the Medicare fee schedule impact analysis tool. The tool is aimed at helping medical practices to analyse the impact of Medicare fee updates and tailor their revenue stream accordingly.

It is a tool that will be of great help to physicians in this climate of uncertainty. It is a simple, no-frills attached tool. It runs comparison reports between current fee updates, and the, previous year’s. The extensive reports will enable physicians to know how reimbursement cuts or increases will have an impact in their current fee schedule and how best to handle the changes ahead”, says Steve, the product development head at PracticeBridge Inc.

The major benefits of installing the tool are, negotiating better performing contracts and make swifter and more information backed financial decision.

You can call it the financial forecasting tool” says Steve. “Users will have to key in CPT codes and the number of units billed into the Medicare fee schedule impact analysis tool. The tool will run concise comparison reports”, he adds. It offers state-wise reports, as billing regulations differ across different states.

The tool is at present hosted at

Users can go to this link to access the Physician fee schedule impact analysis tool.

About PracticeBridge Inc.:

PracticeBridge Inc. is a revenue cycle management services company based in New Jersey. It offers billing and RCM solutions to medical practices of all sizes and specialties. The company has launched several applications and tools that can help healthcare organizations to increase the efficiency of their workflow.

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