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Are you new to eClinicalWorks? For example, you get a task on payments and charge entry and your boss says it’s a simple job and shouldn’t take the whole day. Medical Billers or physicians new to eClinicalWorks have to jump through a lot of hoops to get a job done which sounds simple but gets challenging if you are trying for the first time without someone by your side.

Posting payments quickly and accurately to each patient’s account in eClinicalWorks, is one of the hardest skills and takes a lot of practice to develop it. Inefficient automated payment posting systems which proved to be good for few months, has now given up to your expectations. Apart from a system, double entry and wrong keyed transactions are the key reasons that hit your bottom line.
The electronic mandate has made each and every process complex. One of the many goals of a staff is adapting, scaling and simplifying the payment posting process.

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What do you do to achieve the above goals or to carry out the complex process of managing payment posting in eClinicalWorks? Called the support to guide/walk you through the steps to add/delete payments using your EMR but was put on a long hold. Let’s see why you shouldn’t be fully dependent on support.

Example 1#

To work with an EMR, it needs a lot of experience and adequate support. There can be unexpected situations at any given time. If you lack both, it gets challenging to fix. We do reach out to the technical support team but the expected resolution is not guaranteed. And, if it gets confusing at the first place, example the Rep doesn’t seem to understand your problem, it takes a lot of hours and the resolution is either a temporary OR is put on hold.


eClinicalWorks Issues


The above issues are related to accounting and technical. I don’t mean to show the EHR in the poor light OR say there is no one out there who knows.

Example 2#

Well, this is about revenue management. Again, it’s just someone’s personal opinion. When you plan of taking/switching an EMR’s RCM service, there’s a lot to do before you end up signing. Example, one must know what are the services covered by the provider, the contract terms and conditions, policies and many more.

eClinicalWorks Issues


It is difficult for any organization or an individual to gain 100% customer satisfaction.

Let me tell you that eClinicalWorks is one of the most appreciated and high ranked EHR, according to BlackBook market research, 2015 under all categories .If you go with the above voices how about this:

Example 3#

A happy and satisfied customer, what else does an organization want. Below is the latest feedback.


eClinicalWorks Issues


So this proves there are people out there to help you with what you are looking for. But we have to have something with us or give a 100% short before we approach the support. It is in the benefit of a staff of a medical practice to have a step by step guide handy. It will save the search time and help you hone your skills. Mastering the complete eClinicalWorks billing takes time. Instead a better choice would be to practice and master one procedure at a time.

Let me walk you through some simple steps to delete/post a payment in eClinicalWorks.

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How do you delete a payment in eClinicalWorks.

Step 1: Click ‘Payments’ in Billing and enter the Payment ID# and click Lookup. The payment id will be displayed, you can select the payment id and click ‘Delete’. The entire batch will be deleted. Deleting payment id will depend upon clients.


eClinicalWorks Payment Posting


Step 2: You can find the payment id in the Claim – Insurance & Payments.


eCW Payment Posting


Step 3: If you would like to delete only a particular claim’s payment and not the entire batch, then double click the payment id# in the claims. The payment advisory screen will be displayed. You can select the particular claim and click ‘Delete’.



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How do you post a payment in eClinicalWorks EMR software.

Step 1: Select ‘Payments’ in Billing and click the tab ‘Add Ins Payment’ and select the Insurance. The below screen will be displayed. Enter the amount, check no. and check date.



Step 2: Click ‘Payment Advisory’ tab, the below listed screen will be displayed. You can click ‘Add Claims’.




Step3 : Select the ‘Patient Based’ tab and select the patient. This will display the patient claims, you can select the claim that need to be post and click ok. You can also enter the claim id# directly in the above screen and post the payment.




Step 4: Now select the claim and double click.




The payment posting screen will be opened and you can apply the payments and select the ‘assign claim to’ depending upon the next responsibility and click ‘Post Payments’.




Conclusion:   I have no intentions to show this highly admired and a good efficient EHR to show in poor light. Also, I am not in support of eClinicalWorks. My duty is to educate people to let them know how great it is to use eClinicalWorks and bring them facts they love to know.

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