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Healthcare professionals are being forced to move out of their comfort zones. Sweeping changes are being made to change the way healthcare is provided and paid for. 40% of in-network payments are tied to value. And the traditional fee for service model is expected to disappear over the horizon in the years to come. Payments based on quality of care

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We all know the glitches with EMR and the time and dollar required to fix it. For past 5 years EMRs are not only providing clinical services but most of them have started their own revenue cycle management services. Yes, we all are a slave of technology because we have experienced the positive sides of productivity and cost control.  And

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It is a strange paradox. As the healthcare industry transitions towards integrated, cost-effective business models, the revenue cycle of medical practices, has become more fragmented and expensive. Payer reimbursement cuts, drastic increase in consumer payments and regulatory changes are challenging traditional, antiquated approaches to revenue cycle management. According to a survey by PwC, one in two, Americans, rate hospitals poorly,

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