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With the help of web analytics , question and answer websites, forums, we came across the most searched queries . And, today we will discuss one of them. We reached out to Sophia Johnson, eClinicalWorks billing specialist at PracticeBridge to share her insights and she provided us six simple steps to submit secondary claims.

Open your system, follow these steps below and say no to Clearing House rejections!


  1. Go to claims in Billing, enter the claim# and select lookup. The below screen will be displayed.


  1. Now click Insurance & Payments tab and tick the secondary insurance.
eclinicalworks training


3.  Change the claim status to ‘Ready to submit (Electronic)’ and click ok. The claim will be now ready to be submitted electronically.



4. Once you made changes in all the claims that have to be submitted electronically, and then it can be submitted as a batch. For that go to claims, select the claim status as ‘Ready to submit (Electronic)’ and select the service date and click ‘Lookup’. All the claims (Primary & Secondary claims) will be listed with the status ‘Ready to submit’.

Make Changes to eCW secondary Claims

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5. Select all the claims and click ‘Billing’ tab and select ‘create batch’.

Send all claims as batch though eclinicalworks

6. Now select ‘Secondary Insurance Only’ in Assigned To and ‘submit batch’.

Select Secondary Claims Only Option


Take away:
In this session of DIY (Do it yourself) we have learned the six simple steps for submitting secondary claims through eClinicalWorks to prevent clearing house rejections. It will help the users new to eClinicalWorks and physicians who miss their eClinicalWorks billers. Now you don’t have to navigate across the web, post your queries and wait for a week to get the answer. Education is the best way to help our professionals who are new to a system and have a lot on their plate.

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