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Are your revenue cycle processes on hold for 16 hours?

  • The healthcare landscape is changing. And to keep up with the changes, 8 hours are not enough. The reimbursement process has become more complex, circuitous and expensive. Desperate times call for desperate measures. And of course you cannot ask your in-house medical billing team to put in extra hours or work during weekdays.

    To prevent lost revenue, missed claims, AR backlogs and workplace stress work with our 24/7 revenue cycle management experts. We have 7 specialist teams to handle every important phase in the revenue cycle. Shorten your cycle, increase workflow efficiencies and reach your cash goals quicker with our round the clock revenue cycle management services. We follow a multi-pronged approach to increase your bottomline benefits.

  • 3 different phases; 1 outcome

    Insurer specific AR calling experts tackle your trickiest revenue cycle issues in the first 8 hours. 8 A.M to 4.PM.

    From 8 AM to 4 PM

    • Our AR callers receive AR calling lists from our experienced AR analysts
    • They run aging reports to segregate claims based on payer/reason for denial and aging buckets
    • There are specialized variance teams to help you collect delinquent balances
    • We have insurer focused AR calling teams
    • Our callers help in maximizing your revenue realization rate
  • From 4 PM to 12 AM

    • After receiving/viewing provider information we verify it thoroughly to identify missing/erroneous information
    • Our certified coding experts perform chart abstraction and medical coding services.
    • All coded claims are run through our code auditors and are checked against NCCI rules and industry regulations
    • All completed claims are scrubbed thoroughly. Three tier quality checks are carried out.
    • The completed and scrubbed claims are sent to clearinghouses
    • Rejected claims are corrected and resubmitted

    Reduce your denial rate to .2% with our denial management specialists and denial auditors. Increase your revenue recovery rate with our streamlined denial management process.

    From 12 AM to 8 AM

    • We trend and track denials at the payment posting stage.
    • All denials are classified into follow up groups
    • Our denial auditors analyse denials and identify common denominators and patterns.
    • All appeals are generated in line with payer specific regulations.
    • Our denial management experts have a 98% appeals success rate.

    Smart apps and tools…

    • TheBillingBridge is a realtime revenue reporting application
    • It tracks KPIs and offers insights that can be translated into workflow improvements
    • The DenialManager is a tool that helps in tracking and monitoring denial trends
    • Our ICD-9 to ICD-10 code converter tool helps physicians to perform crosswalks and match ICD-9 codes to its corresponding ICD-10 codes.

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Consult with our EMR/RCM Experts

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