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Practice Medicine, not Billing

PracticeBridge Inc. offers healthcare organizations, revenue management and workflow optimization solutions that increase bottomline benefits. We reduce cost-to-collect and shorten your path to payment. Enjoy practicing medicine once again!

Workable and cost effective medical billing solutions

RCM Services

Revenue cycle management

Trim the fat! Tighten your revenue cycle and get paid faster. Efficient, revenue cycle management solutions by certified RCM specialists.

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MU Experts

Value Based Reimbursements

Are you ready for the value based payment model? We are. Extensive documentation, detailed RCM reports, maximized collections and improved billing performance!

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Our Billing Solutions

Practice Consulting

Whether it is guiding you to opt for a payment model perfectly suited to your medical practice or selecting the best EHR for you, our medical practice consultants help you make perfect choices.

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Medical Billing Systems


We offer revenue management and medical billing solutions for all medical specialties and tailor our services according to the billing guidelines and needs of your specialty.

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Medical Billing Reports for CFOs


Scalable billing and RCM solutions for healthcare organizations of all sizes. Maximize your revenue with our expert medical billing team.

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EMR Billing Integration

Practice Management

Drowned in worries! Facing PMS integration problems? Work together with our practice management and software integration experts.

Practice Management Integration Services


What We Do

We explore and develop reimbursement models that guarantee compliance and financial stability. Come join us on the journey towards innovative and workable medical billing solutions.

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Medical Billing ApplicationKey KPIs just a tap away!

Tech friendly billing solutions

theBillingBridge is a real-time revenue reporting app built for iOS users. View vital revenue cycle data, set benchmarks and make workflow improvements with theBillingBridge

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Tailor-made billing solutions:

We work the way you do and offer practice specific billing and RCM services. Our medical billers can work with all EMR/EHR systems. Need to customize your EHR templates? Hate disruptions to your workflow? Work with a team who understand your needs and do everything and a little more to answer them.


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